A mentor, what’s a mentor to me?

What’s the ideal mentor that’s helped me to be

The best person that I could possibly be

So that I may be mentor too for people like me

A mentor, a mentor

Unlocks unopened doors

Of the untapped chambers of my heart to what’s more

To project a p...

As I write this article today, it is pouring down rain at the office! And of all days, it’s my birthday! Initially, I was hoping for it not to rain so that I could go out and celebrate with friends and family. I definitely didn’t want to have to drive in the rain (bein...

Well, another year has gone by, and usually by the end of the year, there is an excitement as this past year could not have been as good as the hope of what the new year will be. There could potentially be a new president, or there could just be 20/20 clarity that will...

Tried and tested with trials to intense to withstand
How could pain resonate in the deepest places of man?
Even with this in mind, something I find, is a hidden gem in our hands.

Subtle, defined, with a hint of a sparkle and shine
Under pressure when created but infin...

What an exciting time of the year! Because it’s Fall or the month of Halloween you say? No! It was Latinx* Heritage Month a couple weeks back and we wanted to celebrate the legacy of some awesome history makers of the last couple centuries!

*For more information on why...

Ever heard the saying “If it isn’t one thing, it’s another?” Many times, there are people in our lives who really care for us, root for us, and have our best interest at heart. Other times, we’re already having it rough and then there are people who really don’t do rig...

So many of us in our upbringing were asked “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” Some of us had a fantastic, and sometimes humorous answer: “An Astronaut!” “A Doctor!” or even “A lollipop!” Other times, our childhood might have had so much going on that thinking ab...

Looking for some places to receive funding for college? Here are 7 really useful scholarships to look into and start applying to when they open!

Fostering Opportunities (previously Dollars for Scholars)

Next Deadline: For Spring Semester (or Winter and Spring Quarter), O...

Sometimes this life can be overwhelming: with school having already started, new jobs on the rise, internships, chores to get through, and not to mention our social lives. It is essential that we learn how we can best balance our life duties. 

Here are 10 ways to make t...

I was at a gala once, helping to raise money for an organization dedicated to helping foster youth, and the most common question I found people wanted to ask is “how many placements were you in?” Even when I would get scholarships from certain funders during college, t...

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