Coming Of Age

Coming of Age is a phrase typically associated with celebrations and the hope of unlimited possibilities as a child crosses from childhood into adulthood. It is anything but this optimistic picture for youth in the foster care system. Each year, approximately 300 foster children reach age 18 and are expected to transition to adulthood, but lack the skills and resources to support this transition. 50% - WON'T RECEIVE A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA 50% - WILL BE HOMELESS AFTER LEAVING THE SYSTEM 50% - OF YOUTH LEAVING FOSTER CARE ARE UNEMPLOYED 33% - RECEIVE PUBLIC ASSISTANCE (NATIONAL DATA) 60% -GIRLS WILL BECOME PREGNANT WITHIN 2 YEARS AFTER LEAVING FOSTER CARE 90% - WILL NOT ATTEND COLLEGE Children’

CLSSD in the News

Executive Director, Carolyn Griesemer, provided insight on how children are effected in deportation cases in this Voices of San Diego article:

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MISSION Children’s Legal Services of San Diego, Inc. protects and defends the rights of children and youth in San Diego County through quality and compassionate legal advocacy. CLSSD provides a voice for children and youth in and out of the court system, in order to promote positive direction in their lives, for a positive outcome in their future. Our highly-skilled attorneys, investigators, and support staff strive to ensure safety, well-being and future success of our clients; they advocate for family reunification, permanence, educational opportunity, health and mental health services, and self-sufficiency. CLSSD utilizes a multi-disciplinary, independent, and informed approach to advocac

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