Executive Director Featured in San Diego Union Tribune

Carolyn Griesemer, Executive Director and co-founder of Children's Legal Services, was featured in a recent San Diego Union Tribune article. Carolyn Griesemer has a theory that she was born with a desire to help other people, particularly children. “As far back as I can remember, I was working in shelters or volunteering to hold drug-addicted babies. In high school, I formed a social justice club and was able to get a couple hundred students motivated and organized to do the same,” she says. “I believe that being in this field is a privilege, not a job.” Read the full article here: #media

Abandoning Kids to a Government Bureaucracy - Voices of San Diego Article Featuring CLSSD

Children's Legal Services of San Diego was featured in another Voices of San Diego article highlighting the effects of state budget cuts on the lawyers that represent children in foster care. "State government, in a way, is paying more attention to the foster care system than ever by signing mandates and protections for foster kids into law. But it’s ignored the other side of the equation: funding to make it all happen. In the meantime, caseloads for the attorneys who act as a last line of defense for foster kids are staggering, and children suffer as a result." Read the full article here:

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