Kristin Garrett Montgomery Joins Children’s Legal Services of San Diego

On October 31, 2017 Kristin Garrett Montgomery joined Children’s Legal Services of San Diego (CLSSD) as the Chief Operating Officer. Kristin has spent the past 20 years working to improve the health of San Diego’s most vulnerable populations. In her new venture, Garrett is applying her passion for advocacy to a specific vulnerable population - children in foster care. “CLSSD provides the court-appointed representation to all the youth in the county’s dependency program. I am excited to join the team to help grow this new non-profit organization and to create new partnerships within our community.” Garrett’s career commenced in a dual role with the Hospital Association of San Diego & Imperia

Expanding Extended Care

Growing up in the foster care system has unique challenges beyond average ‘teenage’ problems. Foster youth report how differently they feel and are treated in comparison to peers. The Court of Appeals in San Diego leveled one obstacle that did indeed treat them differently – prior to today, a non-minor dependent (an 18-21 year old in the Extended Foster Care system) could not qualify for California’s Extended Foster Care program if they were married. The Court of Appeals today ruled that marriage does not render a youth ineligible for extended foster care. “A non-minor dependent’s marriage does not necessarily affect any of those eligibility criteria. A married non-minor dependent’s age obv

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