In a Constant State of Flux

I was at a gala once, helping to raise money for an organization dedicated to helping foster youth, and the most common question I found people wanted to ask is “how many placements were you in?” Even when I would get scholarships from certain funders during college, that question would once again arise: “how many homes did you get moved around to?” Even so, for so many youth, it’s the change in schools and all that comes with it from friends, teachers, and team members. For others, like in my case, it was a constant change in social workers. These changes can be challenging without support. Feeling that you are in a constant state of flux is something that foster youth can be all too famili

More Than A Case File

More than a mistake, more than the stigma. More behind the broken glass, my reflection in the mirror. More than all the pain, more than all the trauma, More than just a person that is lacking without a mama. More than just an orphan, more than just a foster, More than any remnant of the baggage of my father. More than just a saying, that everything gets better More than all the placements that misplaced my hearts desires. More than just a “bad kid,” and predictions of my doom, What you’ve perceived inevitable was the lack of hope from you. More than all the failures, more than all the trials More than just a petition number or a case file. More than just a conqueror, more than a survivor, Mo

Finding Your Voice

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.” - Maya Angelou A cordial welcome to everyone who has taken a moment to read the first blog post of Children’s Legal Services of San Diego (CLSSD) for transitional age foster youth (TAY)! My name is Tasha Matthews, and I am the Peer Advocate for CLSSD. Since October, my job has essentially been to connect non-minor dependents (NMD: 18-21 year old foster youth in Extended Foster Care) or those approaching 18 years of age with resources that can help them do the things they are passionate about in life, connecting you to work, college, and overall adulting opportunities for you all. Q

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