10 Incredible Stories for Latinx Heritage Month

What an exciting time of the year! Because it’s Fall or the month of Halloween you say? No! It was Latinx* Heritage Month a couple weeks back and we wanted to celebrate the legacy of some awesome history makers of the last couple centuries! *For more information on why we use this term, see this article here! Simon Bolivar – He was a politician and leader way back from the 1800s who lead so many countries in Latin America to freedom from the Spanish Empire. Those countries include Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, and Panama! El ganador es….El Liberador! Although he didn’t invent magical realism, he did perfect it better than anyone else! Gabriel Garcia Marquez has written a numbe

Parade of Legal Aid: Legal Help Beyond Your Current Attorney

Ever heard the saying “If it isn’t one thing, it’s another?” Many times, there are people in our lives who really care for us, root for us, and have our best interest at heart. Other times, we’re already having it rough and then there are people who really don’t do right by us. Sometimes injustices can continue to happen to us and often times, we may not know what to do. We can definitely count on our dependency attorney to represent us in court once every six months; or more often if we need them. Our attorneys do their best to express our needs, concerns, and desires to the court. And, even when we don’t see them in court, they work really hard behinds the scenes to advocate for our needs.

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