The Rain Came, the Rainbow Remains

As I write this article today, it is pouring down rain at the office! And of all days, it’s my birthday! Initially, I was hoping for it not to rain so that I could go out and celebrate with friends and family. I definitely didn’t want to have to drive in the rain (being a new driver) and I wanted to celebrate during a time of it being sunny, warm, and chillaxed. Unfortunately, my birthday is November 20th and it’s during a time when it is likely to rain. Sometimes in my life, it might not have always rained on the outside of my house. In fact, several years ago when I was in foster care, it rained but more on the inside of my life. I lived in a foster home that was very strict, and in some

New Year, New Me, Who Dis?

Well, another year has gone by, and usually by the end of the year, there is an excitement as this past year could not have been as good as the hope of what the new year will be. There could potentially be a new president, or there could just be 20/20 clarity that will take precedence in your life. With 20/20 being perfect vision, there is no better time than now to spend time collecting insight and clarity on the things we want to go after in the year 2020! If you are wanting to better yourself in the New Year, here are five subjects to choose from when it comes to navigating New Year’s Resolutions: 1. Values: It’s the heart behind why you do what you do. It’s the oil that gets your squeaky

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