Black History Peeps on Fleek!

Harriet Tubman | 1820 – 03/10/1913 | ABOLITIONIST Huge connection with God, she sought for justice and freedom, Araminta Ross was her legal name, boss steady and strong, Ready to take captivity away, she gave every drop of blood, Rescued over a 1,000 slaves in love, slavery was something to overcome, “I go to prepare a place for you,” was the motto she lived up to, Even when the Fugitive Slave Act passed, no distance was too long; The final straw, slavery gone in 1865, New York was where she’d rest her eyes. Frederick Douglas 02/1818 – 02/20/1895 ABOLITIONIST | CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST | WRITER Fighter with the art of words, he was a man of truth, surely Reading at an early age, although illega


A mentor, what’s a mentor to me? What’s the ideal mentor that’s helped me to be The best person that I could possibly be So that I may be mentor too for people like me A mentor, a mentor Unlocks unopened doors Of the untapped chambers of my heart to what’s more To project a perspective of the potential of what’s in store So I’ll have dove eyes and eagles’ wings to sore I’ll have to be honest, Most my mentors were female scholars, Teachers and some doctors, Soul survivors called to take me higher A Mentor, a mentor Instead I say a femtor, What’s that you ask? I can answer that at best, no second guess, and pass the test: A femtor is the female version of a mentor, of a mentor, of a, of a men

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