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The Care Bag Program

The challenge: As children come into foster care, they often must leave their homes abruptly. They are handed a trash bag, because that is all the social workers have on hand. They are given only minutes to pack their possessions and are often unable to gather personal belongings that may be of comfort to them.  Children often must leave behind their favorite stuffed animal, picture of family members, even their toothbrush. As you can imagine, this is a time of crisis and high anxiety for children since something traumatic has occurred causing their need for foster care.


This is where CLSSD bag program can make a tangible difference: providing these children with an actual duffle bag or suitcase, basic necessities and comfort items when they need these items most.


Our solution: Our goal is to transform the experience of children navigating through crisis and transition. With your support, we will do this by providing a Care Bag to children entering or moving within the San Diego foster care system.  Each bag or suitcase will be filled with age-appropriate basic necessities and comfort items to lessen the effects of the crisis and trauma they experience. 


With our collective action, we communicate to each child that they and their belongings will be protected, respected, and valued by our San Diego community.


Together we can change the system and impact children’s stories and futures!

No child should carry their belongings in trash bags!
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