CLS prides itself on the strong internship program we have built up over the last three years under the leadership of Managing Attorney Karen Prosek.  It has been a privilege to train students from all three local law schools in juvenile dependency, give them real life examples of working with clients and encourage their interest in this crucial area of law, just as it has been equally important to give our attorneys valuable experience in management and supervisory skills.  Thus, it is with great disappointment that due to the current circumstances we find ourselves in – a global pandemic – we have hit “pause” on our program for the upcoming fall semester. After much thought, discussion and consideration, it was decided that the program could not proceed in a virtual manner and meet the high bar of internship experience for both the student and supervisory attorney that we have set for ourselves. We are hopeful we can ring in 2021 with improved circumstances that will allow us to continue to build upon our program.  So plan on applying for the spring semester and hope to see you then!

Children’s Legal Services of San Diego (CLSSD) offers legal internships to second and third year law students who are interested in a career in the field of juvenile dependency.  Children’s Legal Services of San Diego is the only non-profit law firm in San Diego County providing court-appointed representation to children, ages 0 - 17 who are the subject of abuse and neglect proceedings in San Diego County’s juvenile dependency court system.  We also provide representation to non-minor dependents, ages 18 – 21, who are participating in Extended Foster Care.

Children’s Legal Services of San Diego’s internship experience combines the theoretical legal foundation of dependency law with the practical day-to-day practice of dependency law.  Our goal is to teach our legal interns the skills needed to be a dependency attorney.  Interns receive an initial 12 hour training.  Upon completion of this training, interns then receive on the job mentorship and training from an experienced dependency attorney.  A legal internship at CLSSD offers law students the opportunity to work closely with their assigned intern supervising attorney, prepare cases, meet with clients, attend trainings, conduct legal research and may have the opportunity to appear in court.  Interns will also check in monthly with CLSSD’s internship coordinator.

If a client, 12 years of age or older, consents, a certified legal intern may appear on the record in hearings and/or trials under the supervision of their intern supervising attorney.  Prior to the internship start date, interns are expected to apply to the State Bar for their certification.  To be certified, the State Bar requires the student be taking or have taken Civil Procedure and Evidence.  CLSSD does not reimburse for the State Bar’s fee to process the student’s certification application.

Interns must be earning course credit.  We are currently unable to accommodate students not earning course credit.

Internships are available for a minimum of 12 hours per week and a maximum of 32 hours per week. 



Application must include the following documents:

  • Cover Letter,

  • Resume,

  • Unofficial transcript, and

  • Your school’s internship requirements


Applications should be submitted to Steve Wedel, Firm 3 Managing Attorney, 


Subject line should state your last name, first initial and period for which you are applying to intern, i.e. “Smith, J Summer 2019”

Cover letters must include the following information:

  • Internship start and end dates,

  • The number of internship hours per week sought,

  • Courthouse locations you will accept.  We have courthouses in East County, North County and Kearny Mesa. 

  • Your school’s requirements of CLSSD


Application Deadlines *Applications are accepted at any time.  Preferred deadlines are:

  • Spring semester: November 1st

  • Fall semester: April 30th

  • Summer semester: accepted throughout the year but no later than March 30th


Applications not submitted in the manner requested may not be reviewed.



Intern candidates will be interviewed by Steve Wedel and the attorney most likely to be the candidate’s intern supervisor.

Internship offers are subject to successful completion of a background check.


Questions should be directed to Steve Wedel,