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    We're working compile the best and most useful resources and information for young adults as they prepare to enter or are enrolled in the Extended Foster Care program of San Diego County and beyond. Everything from educational resources, college, scholarships, housing tips and more can be found here. Young people in foster care have the resiliency and strength to become successful adults and there are many resources available to help. 

    While we're working to find the best of the best, check out what's to come in our blog series:

    Stay tuned for our weekly blog series and connections to the best resources and local organizations. 

    Tried and tested with trials to intense to withstand
    How could pain resonate in the deepest places of man?
    Even with this in mind, something I find, is a hidden gem in our hands.

    Subtle, defined, with a hint of a sparkle and shine
    Under pressure when created but infinitely divine,
    Purely created through tension, turmoil, and strife,
    Ending the barrage of fiery darts on the heart; a grand force unwinds.
    Rising with wind’s pull...

    What an exciting time of the year! Because it’s Fall or the month of Halloween you say? No! It was Latinx* Heritage Month a couple weeks back and we wanted to celebrate the legacy of some awesome history makers of the last couple centuries!

    *For more information on why we use this term, see this article here!

    1. Simon Bolivar – He was a politician and leader way back from the 1800s who lead so many countries in Latin America to...

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