• Tasha Matthews

COVID 19 | Our Deepest Fear & More Resources

I wanted to send a quote that is quite popular and has been quoted and referenced in different movies like "Coach Carter" and "Akeelah and the Bee!" I wanted to share with you this quote that meant so much to me in hopes that it would empower and embolden you!


I hope all is well and that you are able to find ways to take care of yourself, show yourself some self-love, and collect resources along the way!

Here are 10 Self-Care Strategies:

  1. It's OK to feel overwhelmed. Focus on what you can control, like your breathing and being in the present moment.

  2. Spend time outside, even if you're avoiding crowds.

  3. Engage in mindfulness activities, such as starting a gratitude journal or preparing your favorite meal.

  4. Practice self-care in whatever form it looks like to you, which may include exercising, reading, meditation or getting adequate sleep.

  5. Reach out to whomever and whatever you know helps you.

  6. Make a list of your favorite songs or movies, and share the list with your friends.

  7. Challenge negative beliefs about change.

  8. Find new ways to connect with your friends.

  9. Social distancing should not mean social isolation. Make your space comfy and cozy.

  10. Set boundaries with your media consumption.

Feeling Anxious? Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming but here are a few resources to help you cope with stress:

  • Shine created a new resources on how anxiety impacts your emotions, your finances, and your relational health, and ways to manage it

  • How to have a healthy outlook on COVID-19

  • The CDC's guide to coping

  • Stress Relief Playbook created by the California Surgeon General

Looking for additional resources about food distribution, financial support, internet, etc. check out the list below: 

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