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Connections 2020:

Connections 2020 is a program of the YMCA - Youth and Family Services. Our core objectives are to help underserved youth ages 18-24 from marginalized communities develop essential relational wellness skills that in turn will help them become financially and emotionally stable. We offer career-based subsidized employment opportunities, along with an array of supportive services that vary from Uber/Lyft rides, groceries, household essentials and much more. The needs we assist with vary depending on the participant’s circumstances. Moreover, we offer one-on-one case management and an entire team of support staff who have ample experience (and genuine desire) to work  with our community. 


A program of the San Diego Workforce Partnership, we help young adults secure employment using an online portal filled with thousands of local job and internship opportunities. We also provide in-person training opportunities so young people can build their résumés, practice elevator pitches, prepare for interviews and learn about our local labor market. When you sign up with us, you’ll even get your own Peer Job Coach who you can call, text, or direct message for help on your job search.

California Conservation Corps:

The California Conservation Corps is the oldest and largest conservation corps in the country and develops thousands of young men and women into citizens with character, credentials and commitment.

Division of Apprenticeship Standards

The Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) creates opportunities for Californians to gain employable lifetime skills and provides employers with a highly skilled and experienced workforce while strengthening California's economy.

First Home:

My First Home help 18-26 year olds, who were in the foster care system, furnish their living space and make it homey. To do this, we help with the following items: dressers, nightstands, sofas, love-seats, coffee tables, end tables, TV stands, kitchen tables with chairs, desks, chairs, comforters, blankets, lamps, dishware, silverware, art, rugs, decorative items and more!


Independent Living Skills:

Independent Living Skills is a program designed to assist 16 to 18 year olds who are in out-of-home placement. Aftercare services are available to emancipated foster youth up to age 21. Through close interaction with an independent Living Skills social worker and case manager, foster youth are encouraged to develop skills necessary to be successful in living independently.


Phenomenal Families:

Phenomenal Families equip, educate, and empower pregnant and parenting at-risk youth to flourish in their ultimate roles as parents.

San Diego Youth and Community Services:

Helps foster care youth achieve self-sufficiency by offering independent living skills training. Provides case management services, including educational support, money management, career exploration, job development, and housing. Offers a drop-in center.

Second Chance:

Second Chance strives to ensure all members of our community have the means to achieve self-sufficiency, regardless of age, race, or criminal history. In other words, whether one struggles with addiction, incarceration, homelessness, a family history of criminal behavior or gang involvement, or you just took a wrong turn in life, Second Chance can help you find your way to a positive, successful future. 

Urban Corps:

Urban Corps serves as a bridge to a better life for young adults ages 18-26.

We provide paid job training, support services, and a second chance to earn a high school diploma, while simultaneously offering a variety of professional services to the community which helps train and employ our Corpsmembers.

When You Turn 18 - A Survival Guide For Teenagers:


Financial Fitness:

Financial Fitness offers participants opportunities to learn basic and advanced money management and an ability to match up to $4,500! With real-world financial gurus, online tools, and comprehensive classes offered 12 times per year, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and discipline to make smart money purchases.


Cash Course:

CashCourse is a free, online financial education resource designed specifically for college and university students. Created with input from real students and universities, CashCourse equips students with information that helps them make informed financial decisions, from orientation to graduation and beyond.


Financial Literacy at JFS:

Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world: how people earn it, how they manage it, how they invest it, and how they can donate it to help others. More specifically, financial literacy refers to the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources.


Career Horizons:

Career Horizons is designed to help youth bring their employment options into focus. Through presentations, discussion, job shadowing, and one-on-one connections with powerful female role models, they are given the tools and support to recognize their strengths and include entrepreneurship and non-traditional higher paying fields in their futures.

Changing Lanes:

Changing Lanes is a collaborative initiative designed to empower transition-age foster youth to become good drivers, purchase reliable transportation, and create a foundation for maintaining responsible vehicle ownership.

Emergency Needs:

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