Advocate for youth in foster care

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At Children’s Legal Services of San Diego, Inc., we are consistently looking for opportunities to provide the very best advocacy and legal representation for our vulnerable clients. Our multi-disciplinary team of attorneys and social worker investigators are committed to providing our clients a voice in the decisions made in the courtroom, which affect their daily lives and futures. Through high-quality legal advocacy, CLSSD strives to ensure the clients’ rights to


The quote below from a former client is an example of the impact our attorneys have in the lives of children in foster care:

You were my warrior in this battle - my lifter and healer. 

Because of you I have hope and was able to prove that I am more than just my case. 

You brought back my purpose and my drive.

I'm going to write a book and raise money with church to have group homes.

You have a place in my heart and memory long-lasting, never-ending. Thank you so much!

This is our daily motivation to fight for the very best outcome for our vulnerable clients.