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  • Tasha Matthews, Peer Advocate


A mentor, what’s a mentor to me?

What’s the ideal mentor that’s helped me to be

The best person that I could possibly be

So that I may be mentor too for people like me

A mentor, a mentor

Unlocks unopened doors

Of the untapped chambers of my heart to what’s more

To project a perspective of the potential of what’s in store So I’ll have dove eyes and eagles’ wings to sore

I’ll have to be honest,

Most my mentors were female scholars,

Teachers and some doctors,

Soul survivors called to take me higher

A Mentor, a mentor

Instead I say a femtor,

What’s that you ask?

I can answer that at best, no second guess, and pass the test:

A femtor is the female version of a mentor, of a mentor, of a, of a mentor…

Alright, alright, I digress, more or less I must still share with you the ones that had me impressed:

My 7th grade teacher Mrs. Greene

Who thought my poetry was very sweet,

Encouraged me to enter contests and knock the judges of their feet

Now that’s a mentor to me

Or my teacher Mrs. Jones

Who would listen to me with open arms

To all my poems that I wrote

And said writing for me was not so hard

She was embodiment of mentor

Male mentors to mention,

Casey, Chatham, & Granite

Teachers of science and theatre

And one a doctor who helped to manage

Vision issues on the real that was a hurtle and a challenge

Mentoring me to see past what I could ever fathom

And then college suddenly appeared

And femtors were certainly revered

In the hardest seasons of my life throughout all the years

To help me flourish for the moments of my future career

Femtors like Sara and Kathleen and Joan,

Debbie, Kris, and Stephanie and Maryann

All these femtors have helped me see just how tall I can stand

And finish with Bachelor’s in the rarities that is

And just a quick word

I’d be remissed if you hadn’t heard

A huge part of my life

Was the faith built and lessons learned

The mentors, the femtors

Were people at my church

Who listened in my hardest times

And helped me see my worth

The mentor, the mentor

The mentor is my Lord

Who healed my spiritual wounds

And touched my heart the deepest core

A mentor, what’s a mentor to you?

What’s the ideal mentor that’s helped you to bloom

Helped you to soar zoom, pulled up from your doom

So that you can a mentor too for folks now in your shoes

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