• Tasha Matthews, Peer Advocate

More Than A Case File

More than a mistake, more than the stigma.

More behind the broken glass, my reflection in the mirror.

More than all the pain, more than all the trauma,

More than just a person that is lacking without a mama.

More than just an orphan, more than just a foster,

More than any remnant of the baggage of my father.

More than just a saying, that everything gets better

More than all the placements that misplaced my hearts desires.

More than just a “bad kid,” and predictions of my doom,

What you’ve perceived inevitable was the lack of hope from you.

More than all the failures, more than all the trials

More than just a petition number or a case file.

More than just a conqueror, more than a survivor,

More than just another time you’re putting out my fires.

More than just a flame igniting passion from the wind.

More than just a waste of time, time is what I bend.

More than every time someone tried to play pretend

And tried to say all the right things to get their way in the end.

The birds outside sing a song just before the break of dawn.

Why? Because the night before, nothing had gone wrong.

And every dawn around the world a bird sings a new song.

Because they knew who they were, they knew all along.

The air that we breathe in is captured deep within our lungs.

And the story that unfolds will be complex and beautiful.

As the make-up of our being consists of light so colorful,

The light that is casted, not the shadow that’s behind us,

Is the spectrum of iridescent fullness that’s right inside us.

More than a diagnosis, more than meets the eye.

More than just the psychotropic meds that they prescribe.

Behind the forehead and the skull there lies a brilliant mind,

And beauty, wits, intelligence, and bravery now resides.

And even as warriors, we might show off our darker side

Even still, try to feel humanity within our battle cries

More than just a petition number, more than a case file

Dig a little deeper and see our worth that’s so worth wild.

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