• Tasha Matthews, Peer Advocate

Parade of Legal Aid: Legal Help Beyond Your Current Attorney

Ever heard the saying “If it isn’t one thing, it’s another?” Many times, there are people in our lives who really care for us, root for us, and have our best interest at heart. Other times, we’re already having it rough and then there are people who really don’t do right by us. Sometimes injustices can continue to happen to us and often times, we may not know what to do.

We can definitely count on our dependency attorney to represent us in court once every six months; or more often if we need them. Our attorneys do their best to express our needs, concerns, and desires to the court. And, even when we don’t see them in court, they work really hard behinds the scenes to advocate for our needs.

Even with all the support Extended Foster Care can offer, when we turn 18, life can come at us sideways. We may find ourselves renting an apartment and when we move out, the landlord may try to keep a grip on the security deposit with a seemingly unfair explanation that doesn’t align with the lease agreement. Or, we may have debt collection agencies randomly calling us demanding that we pay for something we never purchased. Or, we are finally ready to report the severe psychological and physical abuse that was committed to us while in our foster home(s).

So here is the good news! Children’s Legal Services of San Diego (CLSSD) has a panel of free attorneys who may be able to help you with these type of injustices. Currently, the panel’s legal expertise is as follows: identity theft, credit reporting, family law (child custody and child support issues), personal injury, adoptions, employment, land lord tenant, special education, trusts, and immigration. Or, if you are interested in owning your own business and do not know where to start, you can speak with the panel’s business law attorney. For more information, contact your CLSSD attorney or the main line (858) 221-0404.

Yes, the struggles we’ve faced don’t go away overnight and pain can be overwhelming. If things happened to us that we believe are unlawful and went undetected, we deserve someone to hear us out and tell us if we can do anything about it. You don’t deserve to suffer alone, so utilize the resources that CLSSD can offer you. It will be one less thing to be over-burdened with.

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